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Stephan Livera on Living the Future

LIVING THE FUTURE – An Interview with Stephan Livera Stephan Livera needs no introduction due to his well known, self-titled Stephan Livera Podcast, focusing on Bitcoin and Austrian Economics. But next to that he’s also co-founder of Ministry of Nodes and partner with Bitcoiner Ven…

Monthly Bitcoin Funding Roundup – September 2020

Another month gone by, let’s have a look at the Bitcoin grants provided in September 2020. In last month’s roundup I mentioned a growth in Bitcoin design focused grants and this trend continued in September with a grant to Daniel Nordh. Daniel will bring structure to the Bitcoin Design Guide an…

Max Hillebrand on Living the Future

LIVING THE FUTURE – An Interview with Max Hillebrand Max Hillebrand has been “all-in on Bitcoin” since September 2019 and is a prime example of Living the Future. He is a free software entrepreneur who’s building Bitcoin weapons at WasabiWallet. Max and I talked about his motivat…