Monthly Bitcoin Funding Roundup – September 2020

Another month gone by, let’s have a look at the Bitcoin grants provided in September 2020.

In last month’s roundup I mentioned a growth in Bitcoin design focused grants and this trend continued in September with a grant to Daniel Nordh. Daniel will bring structure to the Bitcoin Design Guide and will focus on contributing a private key management section.

The other noteworthy trend overall in Bitcoin funding is that everyone loves BTCPay Server, so much that Square Crypto renewed their grant over $100,000 for another year. BTCPay is by far the best funded project over the past years. If you’re keen to know more about BTCPay and it’s founder Nicolas Dornier, check out my extensive interview with him.

Grants and amounts committed

Since we only have one grant with an amount specified this month, the comparison to August is not very insightful. In August 7 grants were sponsored with a total of $140,000 while in September we total 3 grants with $100,000 given to BTCPay Server – definitely a quieter month. The main reason for this being that OKCoin and BitMEX had communicated that funding for the year was used up, so this will likely impact the remainder of the year if no new companies step in.

List of September 2020 grants

Here is the list of all grants announced in September 2020, for more details like grant amounts and development focus visit my Bitcoin Grants Tracker.

Funding announcement Grantee
Square Crypto Daniel Nordh
Square Crypto BTCPay Server
John Pfeffer Antoine Riard

Notable articles

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