Living the Future

An Interview series with the Builders and Inhabitants
of the Bitcoin Circular Economy

More and more people are buying Bitcoin. Over time many will want to use Bitcoin.
I want to learn how it is to live on Bitcoin today. I want to learn what problems we need to solve to make that life easier for future participants. I want to learn about the Bitcoin Circular Economy.
This interview series is my attempt at understanding how we will be “Living the Future“.

Stephan Livera

Stephan runs his well known Bitcoin podcast and helps people use Bitcoin better

profile picture of Stephan Livera

Nicolas Dorier

Nicolas is the founder of favourite Bitcoin payment processor – BTCPay Server

profile picture of Nicolas Dorier

Max Hillebrand

Max is fully living on Bitcoin since 2019 and builds Bitcoin weapons at WasabiWallet

profile picture of Nicolas Dorier

Brian Harrington

Brian is a Youtuber and passionate advocate for the Bitcoin Circular Economy

profile picture of Brian Harrington

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